The Better Seeking Solutions Team was established as part of an initiative to improve instructional and organizational effectiveness at the school level.  The members of the team include the principal, instructional coach and teachers from each grade level as well as a resource teacher.  The team's purpose is school improvement and their process is data driven, using data to make instructional and organizational decisions.  Research best practices are studied and implemented when needed as a solution to educational deficiencies.

We believe that the school improvement plan is a living document that drives our educational community, and as such, should be continually monitored and updated to ensure student achievement.

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Vertical teams were developed to disseminate information from the BST, increase curriculum alignment, provide feedback to the BST, and to promote their curriculum area at school and in homes.  The four vertical teams are math, reading, writing and school quality.  Members of each team are selected based upon subject mater taught and/or area of interest.  Each team is composed of teachers and paraprofessionals. 

Professional Learning Communities are organized by grade level, including teachers and paraprofessionals.  During their meetings vertical team minutes are shared, grade level support given, suggestions are discussed and noted and the group works to improve vertical alignment.





S.G.A. Elementary School has met AYP   for 9 consecutive years and has been named a   TITLE I Distinguished School!   S.G.A. Elementary seeks to continually improve student achievement by developing and maintaining a Advanced Ed - Guided Self Study.     Please take a moment to view our Mission, Vision, and Goals for our school and our students.  SGA was also listed as a w inner of the inaugural Superintendent's Distinguished Achievement awards.

SGA was named "A Healthier Us Challenge GOLD School" for the quality of our school nutrition, physical education, and wellness programs.