Georgia Music Educators Association  All State Scales and Etudes on this website



Trinidad and Tobago

Steel Drum, Oil's Most Melodic By Product (Video) 

Music of the Steel Drum: The invention of the Steel Drum ( Video)

Geography of the Caribbean: The Steel Drum of Trinidad  (Video) 


Metronome - Free metronome

Instrument Tuning- Use this site to complete your assignment on tuning.

National Flute Association - Information concerning flutes of all sizes and piccolos, performance tips and historical guides

International Clarinet Association- Everything about clarinets of all sizes including information concerning reed quality to mouthpiece dimensions

International Trumpet Guild- Information regarding the trumpet

International Saxophone Home Page -All about saxophones

Horn Players Resource Page -articles about playing the horn

International Trombone Association -all about the trombone

International Tuba and Euphonium Association - information about the tuba and euphonium

Percussive Arts Society - all about percussion including sticks, mallets and beaters

Vic Firth - Stick, mallets, rudiment listings and lessons on line

Zildjian - all about cymbals


San Francisco Symphony Kids Check out the music lab...Be a musical mad scientist!

Dallas Symphony Ochestra go to the link for students ....Check ou the Music Room.

Classics for Kids Cool games: Composer Time Machine, Be a Rockin Rhythm Master, etc

PBS Jazz Check out the bandleader link

Creating Music Lots of fun links

The Science of Music Find answers to questions such as: Why does music get stuck in my head? Why do I sound so great in the shower? etc...

Music Mysteries Make sure you meet Robbie and Curley

Music Education at Datdragon Check out the link for "This day in music history.."

New York Philharmonic Game room...have fun!

Sesame Street Music Check out this site for younger brothers and sisters.

Careers in Music
Discover what jobs are available in the music industry
Music Thoery games