Cooking Light Magazine  Web site: http://www.cookinglight.com Description : Features healthy recipes as well articles devoted to general health and fitness. Single issues are available at many newsstands. Subscription Address: 2100 Lakeshore Drive Birmingham, AL 35209 Phone: 205-445-6000 Fax: 205-445-6600 E-mail: cookinglight@customersvc.com

Delicious Decisions American Heart Association Web Site: http://www.deliciousdecisions.org/ Description : This online book features heart-healthy recipes, including their nutritional content. The Recipes section under the Cookbook tab allows you to search for recipes with specific ingredients you might be interested in using. Also included is general nutrition information and shopping tips. (Reviewers, I know this has a section on the outdated Step I and II diets but I thought this was a minor enough part).

The Complete Cooking Light Cookbook Cathy A. Wesler Birmingham, AL: Oxmoor House, 2000. 528 pp. Description : Features over 1000 recipes compiled from 13 years of Cooking Light magazine, each with nutritional content.

American Heart Association Meals in Minutes Cookbook American Heart Association New York, NY: Times Books, 2000. 288 pp. Description : This spiral-bound cookbook features heart healthy recipes, each with a preparation time of 30 minutes or less, and each with a nutrition analysis. Also includes nutrition basics and shopping tips.

The Mayo Clinic Williams- Sonoma Cookbook Simple Solutions for Eating Well John Phillip Carroll New York, NY: Time Life Custom Publishing, 2001. 272 pp. ISBN: 0737020687 Description : A resource for healthy cooking, this book includes a variety of healthy recipes, each with a photograph and nutritional analysis.

Preparing Nutritious Meals at Minimal Cost U.S. Department of Agriculture Web site: http://www.usda.gov/cnpp/FoodPlans/TFP/food$pdf.PDF (PDF format) Description : This online publication contains sample menus and recipes for preparing nutritious meals on a budget.

Cooking Light 5-Ingredient, 15-Minute Cookbook Anne Chappell Cain Birmingham, AL: Oxmoor House, 1999. 240 pp. Description: From the publishers of Cooking Light magazine, this cookbook contains 94 recipes that can be made from no more than 5 ingredients and in 15 minutes or less. Emphasis is on healthy recipes and each is analyzed for nutrient content.

Recipes and Tips for Healthy, Thrifty Meals U.S. Department of Agriculture Web Version: http://www.usda.gov/cnpp/Pubs/Cookbook/thriftym.pdf (PDF format) Description : Contains quick, easy tasty, and economical recipes as well two weeks of plans for meals that meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Also has money-saving tips and guidelines for safe for food preparation. Ordering information for print copies (Stock No. 001-000-04680-2): P.O. Box 371954 Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954 Phone: 866-512-1800 (In Washington, DC metropolitan area 202-512-1800) Fax: 202-512-2250 Online ordering: http://bookstore.gpo.gov/support/ordering.html Note: Most of the above materials contain some vegetarian recipes; for additional resources on vegetarian cooking and nutrition, see Vegetarian Nutrition Resource List for Consumers at http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/pubs/bibs/gen/vegetarian.htm.