Thursday, July 24th, 2014

For the fourth nine weeks we will be studying the following topics:

Writing: Focus - Informative/Explanatory; Narrative; Research; Routine Writing

Unit Theme:  Pollution; Conservation; Famous Americans

Math:  Geometry; Fractions; Measurement; Numbers and Operations in Base Ten (Addition; Subtraction; Graphing); Operations and Algebraic Thinking (Multiplication and Division); Word Problems

Reading: Fictional/Fantasy; Non-Fiction/Informational

Reading Skills: Sequencing; Fact and Opinion; Narrative Elements; Identifies and Infers Main Idea and Supporting Details; Cause and Effect; Summarization; Self-Questioning; Using Dictionary, Glossary, and Thesaurus to Determine Word Meanings; Interpreting information from diagrams, charts, graphs, and graphic organizers

Language Arts: Subject/Verb Agreement; Capitalization and Punctuation (end marks, commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks); Parts of Speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns); Speaking and Writing in Complete Sentences; Writing Different Types of Sentences; Using Context Clues To Determine Meanings of Unknown Words in Sentences; Using Different Resources (ie. Dictionary and Thesaurus) to Support Word Choices 

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