Small Group Guidance
and Counseling

The counselors work with small groups of children who have similar concerns.  In small groups students can share ideas, provide support for each other, and learn from each other.

Examples of small group topics are friendship, self-concept, and dealing with family changes. Parental permission will be requested for participation in some small groups before students are asked to participate.


The "KIDS" Group: Kids in Divorce Stress

Students whose parents have either been divorced or are going through a divorce are referred by teachers and parents. The goals of the group are:

1. To provide a safe, secure and reinforcing environment where children can learn new skills to help them cope with divorce.
2.To teach some factual information about divorce that will help children deal with their emotional issues more effectively.
3. To encourage children to share their thoughts and feelings with other children and to teach them skills of assertively expressing their feelings and needs to family members.
4. To teach children effective ways of managing their stress.