Hospital/Homebound Services 


Hospital / Homebound services are provided upon receipt of a homebund referral form in which the medical certification of need is signed by a licensed physician who is attending the student.  These are the following  procedures for obtaining homebound services.


  1. Parent notifies the school that hospital/homebound services are needed. 


  1. School personnel instruct parent/guardian to contact the Social Work Department at the Central Office.  



 Homebound Q & A



Q.  Can a teacher, principal, parent or homebound teacher authorize

hospital/homebound services for a student?


A.   No. only the student's doctor can certify that his/her patient needs

hospital/homebound services.


Q.   What is the first step in getting my student/child on homebound?


A.   Contact the Social Work Department at the Central Office



Q. What criteria are used to determine eligibility for hospital/homebound services?


A.   Hospital/homebound services are provided only on the basis of medical 

necessity as certified by a licensed physician providing care for the student. 


Q.   How many days must a student be absent from school before homebound services

can be provided?     

A.  A student who has missed- or will miss- five or more consecutive

days of school due to illness can qualify for homebound services based on 

a doctor's referral.  

Q.   How long are homebound services provided?


A.   As long as the doctor certifies that the services are needed.


Q.  Who is responsible for providing instruction for a student on homebound?


A.  The hospital/homebound teacher provides three hours of instruction weekly 

in the hospital or home setting on a schedule worked out between the teacher 

and the parent/guardian. 


Q.   Does the hospital/homebound teacher evaluate and grade the student's academic 

performance while on homebound?      

A.   No. while on homebound, the student remains on roll in all of his/her classes. 

Lessons and other teaching materials are provided to the hospital/homebound   teacher by the student's regular teachers. 

Test, quizes and exams are administered by the homebound teacher 

but are graded by the regular teachers.    


Q.   Does the parent/guardian need to be present during home visits?


A.   Yes. If the parent/guardian is not present or leaves during the visit, the

homebound teacher is required to cancel or discontinue the visit.