What We're Learning...

4th 9 weeks READING / ELA

At the end of the 4th 9 weeks, your child should be able to do the following:

  • Compare and contrast elements of an informational text
  • Analyze multiple points of view that are on the same topic
  • Use information from multiple sources to locate information on a topic
  • Identify an author's reasons for writing, and support their position
  • Conduct research to speak and write on a topic
  • Write an opinion paper
  • Use correlative conjunctions
  • Use capitalization and punctuation correctly
  • Explain why an author uses capitalization and punctuation
  • Spell 5th grade words correctly

It is important to remember that your child needs your help in being able to master each of these standards and to be successful each day at school.  Please encourage your child to give his or her best at school and to do the same each night on his or her homework.  When we all work together, everyone is successful!