Severe Weather

REMBC and Severe Weather Safety

We are all keenly aware of the tragedies at Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Newtown CT, and unfortunately other school locations.  School Safety Plans, such as our REMBC, will always give detailed attention to potential acts of violence in our schools.  But we must realize that what may be the greatest threat to the health and safety of our students is a natural disaster (severe weather, tornado, hurricane, etc).

SchoolCenter Picture

Enterprise High School, Enterprise, Alabama

This high school, similar in size to our high school, was hit directly by an EF4 tornado on March 1, 2007.  Unfortunately there were 8 fatalities. 

It is vital that we are able to communicate with our parents during times of severe weather.  Please be sure you are active in our Parent Link system!

Severe Weather Safety and the impact of a natural disaster are major componets of our REMBC.  As an example, we have in place:

  • NOAA Weather Radios at each school that will provide immediate weather watch and warning information.
  • GEMA Approved Safe Areas in each of our schools.
  • Severe Weather drills are conducted each semester.