Welcome to Mrs. Lovett's 8th Grade Language Arts Class for the 2014-2015 year!  I look forward to having your student in class as we explore Language, Literature, Research and many other exciting standards. I look forward to teaching and encouraging each student to be the very best he or she can be!

**Please make sure you sign your student's planner each night. 

 ~We are currently working on Informational Text and Student Goals.

Please feel free to contact me ~  llovett@burke.k12.ga.us

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I look forward to a Great Year! 


Sincerely,  Leigh H. Lovett


8th Grade:

Units of Study for 1st Semester:

Unit 1 will include: In-depth Reading Informational Texts, Research Project, Vocabulary, Writing Assignments, Assorted Grammar, and Argumentative Writing. 

Unit 2 will include: In-depth Reading Assignments, Research Project/Performance Task, Memoirs, Vocabulary, Writing Assignments, Character Sketch, MLA writing styles, Assorted Grammar, and Compare and Contrast Writing. 


Texts used 1st Semester:

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teen


Gifted Hands


9th Grade Literature Class:


Units of Study:

Unit 1 – “Sweet Sorrow” includes:  Romeo and Juliet, The Pearl, analytical essay


Unit 2 –“Matter of Life and Death” includes: Memoirs, The Lord of the Flies, argumentative essay, panel discussion

Unit 3 – “The Struggle for Freedom” includes: Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” Speech, Animal Farm, argumentative essay

Unit 4 – “Heroes and Quests” includes: Odyssey, Great Expectations, research essay



Important Information: 


**Please note that reading is an integral part of this course, and each student will be held accountable for outside reading on a daily basis. Students will be reading Four (4) novels this year outside of class:  We encourage you to purchase these novels, so you can highlight in them and take notes in them. The School does have novels available for those that cannot purchase them, but they cannot be written in, and students will be responsible for the full price of the novel if it is not returned in great condition.




Dickens, Charles - Great Expectations

Golding, William -The Lord of the Flies
Steinbeck, John - The Pearl

Orwell, George - Animal Farm