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Faculty and Staff Appreciation

Did you know that today is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day?


School bus drivers take students to and from school, and also take them to and from school-related events, such as field trips and sporting events. In the United States and Canada, it is estimated that school buses—and thus school bus drivers—give about 8 billion trips between homes and schools each year.


Being a school bus driver does not only consist of driving in the morning and driving in the afternoon; there are tasks and responsibilities that go along with it. Drivers must follow and memorize their routes, must stay on schedule, and must know basic bus maintenance. When students board their bus, they must make sure that they do so safely.


Thank you to our amazing school bus drivers at BCPS! We know it's not easy an easy job and we appreciate you. Thank you for helping to get our students to and from school safely. 🚍🛑🧡


The Burke County Public School System is joining in a nationwide  celebration this week to salute the efforts of school counselors. National School Counseling Week 2022, “School Counseling: Better Together,” is sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). Celebrations throughout the week are designed to focus public attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within U.S. school systems and how students are different as a result of what school counselors do. National School Counseling Week highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.


Dr. LaToscha Evans, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, stated, “Our school counselors are actively engaged in helping students examine their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents. Each school counseling department supports student achievement, social-emotional development, and career development and serves as a much-needed resource for students, parents, teachers and administrators. School counselors are integral to student success.”




About the American School Counselor Association

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) promotes student success by expanding the image and influence of school counseling through leadership, advocacy, collaboration and systemic change. ASCA helps school counselors guide their students toward academic achievement, career planning and social/emotional development to help today’s students become tomorrow’s productive, contributing members of society. Founded in 1952, ASCA has a network of 50 state and territory associations and a membership of approximately 42,000 school counseling professionals. For additional information on the American School Counselor Association, visit www.schoolcounselor.org.


On National Law Enforcement Day, January 9th, we have the opportunity to show our support and thank law enforcement for their service.  They've answered a call to public service that is demanding and often unappreciated.


Today, we show appreciation to the law enforcement who serve and protect the staff and students of Burke County Public Schools.  We appreciate your service to our schools!


Thank you Ms. Linda for all you do !!
BCPS Custodians are always serving us.  That is why we were happy to serve them on Custodial Appreciation Day.