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Federal Programs » Credit Recovery & Remediation

Credit Recovery & Remediation

Goal of the Credit Recovery Program:

There are two purposes of the Credit Recovery Program.  The first is to enable students to recover course credits lost because of a lack of success in regular classes.  The second is to allow those students in danger of dropping out to have an option to the regular classroom setting.  The options offered through this program ensure that all of the students receiving a Burke County High School diploma receive a quality education and are prepared to be vital contributors to society.


Description of Program:

Credit-recovery is implemented in our 21st CCLC Program.  The students that are eligible for the program have learned that failure has consequences, which has kept them from being promoted in the past.  We believe that a positive change in student attitudes will occur when they realize that there is a way to regain credit and that the students realize that they will have to commit much of their time if they want to avoid that possible failure.


We utilize PLATO Learning for our credit recovery option in the 21st CCLC program.  This is a computerized program and it is an attractive, student-friendly way of getting students at any level to assess their core-area skills and focus learning in their areas of greatest need.  In the lab where PLATO K-12 Learning Technologies is installed, students begin the credit-recovery course with a pre-assessment to identify their skill levels in the target areas.  Students are listed as exempt in the areas they have already mastered, with further instruction and work assigned where the student is experiencing difficulty.  Credit-recovery students that have previously failed the course can usually recover credit using the PLATO curriculum in about half the time.


Because of the e-learning aspect of our credit-recovery program, it also seems that students have changed their attitudes toward credit recovery.  They realize that credit recovery is not all worksheets, repetition, and drudgery; it also means relearning the standards in engaging and interesting formats with lots of visuals and graphics to help students learn and apply mathematical patterns.


The program has strict academic, behavioral, and attendance requirements.  To ensure the success of each student enrolled, there must be total commitment by students and parents.


Program Expectations

Students and their parents must make a commitment to follow all rules and work both at school and at home to complete the assigned courses in a timely manner.  This program requires that students master the individual sections before going to the next area and mastery of overall course objectives before receiving credit.  Mastery is based on students making a score of 80 percent correct.  Students will be expected to maintain documented evidence of coursework progress and completion.  For any student who fails to demonstrate appropriate productivity, a conference will be scheduled to include the student, 21st CCLC teacher, Program Director, parent, counselor, and principal.  The conference will be held to design and monitor an academic productivity improvement plan.  At the conclusion of each grading period, the 21st CCLC teacher will review progress and make recommendations for continuation in the program.  Students are expected to be active in the learning process.  Those students who have poor attendance, fail to complete assignments (class & homework), or have excessive discipline referrals (Burke County Student Code of Conduct) will be removed from the program.  


Parent/Teacher conferences are required at the discretion of the program administration.  Conferences are crucial for evaluating student progress and monitoring future goals.  Failure to attend a required conference by parents/guardians may result in the student's suspension from the program until the parent/guardian attends a conference.


Eligibility for Program Participation

This program will assist students to earn credits for middle school promotion and for high school students to earn credit toward graduation.  High school students earn credit on a per course basis.  Middle school students will have to successfully complete 3 of the courses in math, language arts, science, and social studies to earn promotion.  Due to the time involved, most middle school students will have to attend summer school.


Students qualify based on these priorities.


    students that are 2 years below their expected grade
    High school students that are within one year of graduation and have failed courses
    Loss of credit in a core subject area course
    Significant credit deficiency
    Students will be accepted in the Credit Recovery Program based on student need and available space.


Students who are chosen for this program will be expected to complete all assigned work successfully, behave according to the BCBOE student conduct code, and attend every day.  Students will be withdrawn from the program for the following reasons:


    Missing 4 days in a semester (reviewed by school administrator)
    Any student that it is disruptive
    Any student who fails to complete academic work or assigned homework


The CRP is not intended to serve students who:


Ø  Are successful in the traditional setting and who simply desire to graduate early

Ø  Are physically violent or aggressive

Ø  Use or deal drugs

Ø  Are not self-motivated and self-disciplined