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School Meal Boxes for Virtual Students

School meal boxes for virtual students will be available to pick up every Friday from 11:00 am-1:00 pm and 4:00 pm-6:00 pm at ANY of the 5 Burke County Schools.  If you have children at multiple schools, you can pick up all of their boxes at one location. A student is considered “virtual” if they learn from home 5 days per week and do not attend school in person. 


Waynesboro Primary School pickup is at the entrance on Olympic Drive.
Blakeney Elementary School pickup is at the entrance on Olympic Drive.
SGA Elementary School pickup is on the right side of the school where the buses load.
Burke County Middle School pickup is on the left side of the school at the gymnasium entrance.
Burke County High School pickup is at the bus dock on the backside of the school.


Upon arrival at the school, you will be asked to provide your child(ren)'s name and current school enrollment. This is in an effort to reduce duplicate distribution of boxes.


Burke County will provide meal boxes to any children ages 0-18 who are NOT participating in the hybrid (A/B) schedule. The boxes are for 100% VIRTUAL STUDENTS that are not coming to school. If students are coming to school for the hybrid schedule, they should have already received their take-home meals the previous day at school and are not eligible to pick up a box.  


Any children 0-18 who are not in school may also pick up a box. This means children from birth to age 18 are qualified. HOWEVER, if your child goes to any of the daycares listed below, they cannot pick up a box. This is because they already get meals at their daycare.


This is the list of daycares that participate in the Child and Adult Food Care Program and any children attending these daycares would not be eligible to pick up a virtual meal box.  

  1. A Child's World Daycare and Learning
  2. Burke County Head Start
  3. Davis Lil' Angels
  4. Kozy Kids Child Care
  5. Lena's Lullaby Childcare, Inc.
  6. Marie's Creative Kids Kindergarten, Inc.


The boxes will contain 5 days’ worth of meals. They will include 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 suppers. There will be refrigerated items in the boxes so it is important to unpack them as soon as possible.

Please contact your School Nutrition Manager or the School Nutrition Office if you have questions. (706) 554-5393