It is the policy of the Burke County Board of Education to not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, color, race, disability, religion, ethnicity or national origin in the educational programs and the activities, or admissions to facilities operated by the Burke County Public Schools, or in the employment practices of the same. The Burke County Public Schools shall comply with all aspects of Title IX of the Educational Amendment of 1972, Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Amended, 1991), Title XXIX of the Age Discrimination Act of 1967, (29 USCA § 620); Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Equal Pay Act and the Americans with Disability Act (42 USC § 12101).
To ensure compliance with this equal opportunity policy, the Superintendent shall designate staff members to:
  1. Coordinate efforts of the school district to comply with this policy;
  2. Investigate any complaints of violations of this policy;
  3. Administer a grievance procedure for employees and students;
  4. Provide for the publication of this policy to all students and employees in educational facilities operated by the school district, parents of students, employment agencies and professional association such publication to include the name, office address and telephone number of the complaint administrators designated pursuant to this policy.
The Superintendent has appointed the following staff members to coordinate all aspects of compliance with the indicated acts:

James D. Hyder, Jr. 
General Counsel
Burke County Board of Education
789 Burke Veterans Parkway 
Waynesboro GA 30830
  • Title XXIX of the Age Discrimination Act
  • Title II of Vocational Education Amendments of 1976
  • Titles VI & VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Amended 1991)
  • Equal Pay Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (42 USC 12101)
Any employee or student of the school district who believes the school district has violated any aspect of the above laws governing equal opportunity is encouraged to file a complaint identifying the policy, act or practice deemed to be in violation.

The grievance procedure for filing such complaints is as follows:
  1. The employee or student with a complaint should submit a written statement to the appropriate compliance officer describing the practice or action believed to be prohibited by the provisions of law.
  2. Upon receipt of a written complaint, the coordinator should investigate the allegation to determine if the agency is in noncompliance.
  3. When violations are found to exist, the compliance officer should confer with the appropriate personnel to determine the most appropriate course of action to correct the situation. Such action will then be submitted to the Superintendent.
  4. Upon securing the Superintendent’s approval, the compliance officer should supervise the administration of the new procedures and communicate the response to the person who initiated the complaint.
  5. If the coordinator does not agree that a violation exits, the complainant has the right to appeal to the Superintendent. Should the Superintendent fail to agree, the complainant has the right to appeal to the Board of Education.
  6. If the Board of Education does not agree, the complainant may appeal to the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Education or in the case of the ADA or Title VII with the EEOC.
  7. The Superintendent shall provide for the publication of this document to students, employees and the public at large. Such publications should include the name, office address and telephone number of the compliance officer(s) designated pursuant to this policy.

CTAE Non-Discrimination Notice

The Burke County School System offers Pathways in the following career and technical education career clusters for all students regardless of race, gender, color, national origin, including those with limited English proficiency, or disability in grades 9-12: Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Business Management and Administration, Education and Training, Finance, Health Science, Human Services, Engineering, and Transportation. 
Persons seeking further information concerning career and technical education offerings and specific pre-requisite criteria should contact:

Sean Middleton

Director of Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education
356 Southside Drive
Waynesboro, GA 30830


Title IX Coordinator:

Dr. Daphney Ivery
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Burke County Board of Education

789 Burke Veterans Parkway

Waynesboro, GA 30830


[email protected]

Section 504 Coordinator:
Dr. Mia Luke
Student Support Coordinator
356 Southside Drive
Waynesboro, GA 30830