Calendar & Dress Code

The Burke County Board of Education believes that neat, clean, and appropriate student dress and grooming can contribute to the learning environment.  The Board reserves the right to dismiss from schools those students whose personal appearance causes or is likely to cause a substantial disruption to the educational process and orderly operation of the school.
  1. Pants, skirts, and shorts must be fitted at the waist.  Skirts and dresses must be long enough to touch the top of the knee.  Shorts must be at least mid-thigh. Pants, skirts, shorts, and shirts with holes, frays, shreds, etc. exposing skin above the permitted areas outlined in this policy may not be worn.  Pajama/sleep/lounge pants are prohibited.

  2. Belts must be buckled and through belt loops if applicable, sashes tied and buttons buttoned. 

  3. Shirts and blouses must cover the shoulder.  Others (i.e. off the shoulder, halter, tank, spaghetti straps) may not be worn without the proper outer garment.  Shirts must fully cover the bare midriff at all times.

  4. All students must wear shoes.  Shoes must be tied, buckled, or worn as the manufacturer intended. Shower shoes, bedroom shoes or slippers, and slides are prohibited. 

  5. No clothing or jewelry which displays profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements shall be worn.

  6. Hats, caps, headscarves, or sweatbands may not be worn inside the building.

  7. Students' hair, including any facial hair, must be neat, clean, and well-groomed.  Hair must not obstruct vision.  Combs, hair curlers, or picks may not be worn in the hair.

  8. Clothing shall be worn with appropriate undergarments.  This includes but is not limited to see-through blouses and shirts. Shirts customarily worn as undergarments may not be worn without shirts or blouses. 

  9. Spandex leggings, tights, or pants cannot be worn as an outer garment.  If worn under a top garment (i.e. shirt, dress, shorts, skirts, etc.) the top garment must meet the dress code addressed in #1, 3, and 5.

  10. Non-prescription sunglasses may not be worn in the building.
The only exception to the length of shorts, skirts, or dresses is in grades K-2 where lengths may vary but must at all times be acceptable to the building principal.

Students who are inappropriately dressed at school will not attend class until properly dressed.
Violations of any part of this dress code may result in suspension from school until the appropriate dress is put on, or other punishment, at the discretion of the building principal.  On the fourth (4th) and subsequent office referrals for dress code violations, the student may be given OSS.

Each Principal (or designee) has the discretion to determine on a case-by-case basis that some particular item of clothing is not appropriate, even if not specifically addressed by policy, procedure, or rule.

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