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Tyler Torek
Director of  Testing, Instructional Technology & Behavioral Supports

As Director of Testing, my role is to oversee state and local assessments and to assure test security and fidelity. I work as a liaison with the Georgia Department of Education and relay relevant testing information to school testing coordinators, administration and teachers.  A testing calendar is located in the appendix and on our district’s website.

As Director of Instructional Technology, my role is to provide training and support for integrating technology into the school.  I am passionate about instructional technology, which has branched out and affected all areas of 21st century education.  Schools that excel in today’s world apply technology effectively.  It is my desire that Burke County join that elite list. I am committed to keeping Burke County aware of the latest trends in educational technology, training and demonstrating new technologies within our district and troubleshooting problems when they arise.

As Director of Behavioral Supports, I am responsible for working with site committees to manage and maintain our Response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) programs.  RTI is a state mandated requirement that provides screening and interventions, both academically and behaviorally, before a student begins to fail or fall behind.

PBIS is an initiative aimed at improving school discipline and overall school climate through positive methods rather than those that are solely punitive.  Based on the RTI model, PBIS applies evidence-based practices and strategies for all students to decrease problem behavior and establish a positive school culture. The PBIS model has been successfully implemented in thousands of schools in over 40 states, resulting in dramatic reductions in disciplinary interventions and increases in academic achievement. Each school has a PBIS team, which is responsible for monitoring and strengthening the PBIS program at their respective sites.