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Credentials of Value formerly End of Pathway Assessments (EOPA)

 Georgia's Technical Skill Attainment Inventory 

Georgia, like many other career and technical education programs around the nation, has worked in recent years to establish a measurement mechanism to ascertain the level of technical skill attainment on behalf of its career pathway completers. Georgia’s measurement process has been derived in direct response to the Perkins V Legislation, specifically, Core Indicator 2S1 which requires states to implement a valid and reliable assessment model linked directly to industry validated standards.

In working to identify existing assessment (or credentialing) opportunities that would not only support the mandates set forth in the Perkins IV Legislation, but would also support Georgia students in their quest to leave high school with valuable credentials, the state’s technical skill attainment inventory will be comprised of several measurement components:

  • industry certifications/credentials

  • occupational assessments, and

  • state licensures and state developed assessments