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E-Rate FY21 Vendor Questions and Answers

The number of distribution frames per school are as follows:
BCHS: 11
BES: 6
SGA: 2
WPS: 5
Central Office:  2
Please note that this number includes the both the MDF and IDFs.
Number of users
Number of users (approximate students and staff):
Burke County High School: 1400
Burke County Middle School: 1100
Blakeney Elementary School: 900
SGA elementary School: 400
Waynesboro Primary School: 1250
Burke County Alternative School: 50
Central Office: 50
ISP bandwidth links – count and bandwidth
Internet Bandwidth:
(2) 2G links via 2 separate ISPs, both terminating at the Central Office.
Required backhaul performance (IPsec)
Backhaul: Bandwidth between location and Central Office (Gbs)
Burke County High School: 10
Burke County Middle School: 10
Blakeney Elementary School: 10
SGA elementary School: 1
Waynesboro Primary School: 10
Burke County Alternative School: 1
We do not have any IPSEC configurations in place.