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School Bus Transportation

The Standard of Excellence at a School Bus Stop

1. When approaching a designated stop, the bus will slow and apply brakes to activate brake lights as a first indication to trailing vehicles.
2. Amber warning lights are activated approximately 200 feet from the stop.
3. After a smooth stop, the transmission is placed in neutral and the parking brake applied.
4. The service door is opened.  This deactivates the amber warning lights and activates the red warning lights, stop arm, and crossing gate.
5. Students board the bus and sit.
6. The service door is closed which deactivates the red flashing lights, stop arm, and crossing gate.
7. When safe, the bus will continue the route.

1. Amber flashing bus lights always indicate the bus is preparing to stop.
2. Amber means slow - caution - prepare to stop.
3. Amber does not mean accelerate and pass the bus.
4. Red flashing bus lights indicate children are in the road or preparing to be in the road.
5. Red flashing lights - never pass the bus.
Georgia Commercial Driver's License Manual
Georgia Driver's Manual
Burke County Board of Education Bus Driver's Manual
Provide an overview of the information that is provided in the event of an emergency or school closing.
Provide where closing information is available (radio, TV, and website)
Provide links to both closing guidelines and parent guidelines on days when children are not in school or classes are commencing early.
Provide the guidelines for the extra-curricular activity that is impacted due to school closings.


Our drivers and assistants are the first faces the students see in the morning and the last ones before getting dropped off at home. Focused on safety and dedicated to the kids, our employees are a key part of the educational experience. Consider becoming a part of our Transportation Family!

Burke County Public Schools has openings for additional bus drivers, substitutes, and bus assistants.

Drivers are required to have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Paid training is available to help you attain one if necessary. All applicants must complete pre-service training, certified on-bus training, pass a driving evaluation, and pass pre-employment background and drug screenings.


Please call the Director of Transportation, for more information at 706-554-2859 or Click the application button below to apply today!

Locate my School Bus

Burke Co. Transportation Department has installed Samsara GPS units on each of the buses in the fleet. Use the Fleet Viewer to watch as the bus nears the stop! No more standing in the rain or cold waiting for the bus to get there! Families can stay warm and dry while tracking the real-time location of their bus. They will know that once the bus passes a certain street, or enters their neighborhood, that it is time to head out to the stop so they are ready when it arrives!