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Superintendent's Student Advisory Council

About the SSAC . . .

The Superintendent's Student Advisory Council, SSAC, comprises 15 BCPS students in grades 6 - 12. Council members will focus on continuous improvement and supporting all schools through the lens of equity. They should be willing to play a critical role in the communication process between their school/location and the district



The purpose of this council is to bridge the gap between their peers and faculty, staff, and administration by elevating student voices directly to the Superintendent and educating their peers about the workings of the district.


SSAC will provide a platform for students to share their thoughts and exchange ideas that can assist school and district leaders to improve their overall school experience. Members will serve as a voice for all BCPS students, providing valuable insight that can reshape our work as we progress toward our vision that each student leaves BCPS equipped for a world of possibilities. They will have the opportunity to work alongside the Superintendent, Dr. Williams, and other district leaders while developing their leadership, advocacy, and collaboration skills alongside a diverse community of peers. 


The Advisory Council will. . . 


  • Serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and concerns related to the continued enhancement of BCPS programs,
  • Provide feedback for the ongoing development and evaluation of BCPS programs and processes,
  • Explore ways to identify and utilize available community and BCPS resources to enrich educational experiences for all students,
  • Develop leadership capacity among students, including those who are new to leadership roles, and
  • Empower students to have a voice in matters that concern them.

The Burke County Public Schools Superintendent's Student Advisory Council (SSAC) serves as a valuable resource toward achieving the district's mission and realizing the vision. Dr. Williams is excited about listening to and learning from key stakeholders as they share their perspectives and ideas, which are used to assist in key decision-making that impacts the entire district and beyond. Such engagement is welcomed and critical to implementing the strategic plan. When done well, relationships, trust, and outcomes are improved. 


Dr. Williams started the BCPS Superintendent's Student Advisory Council in 2022. Meetings are held bimonthly. All middle and high school students in the district are invited to apply, and all members are strongly encouraged to participate in a risk-free environment.