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REMBC is Readiness and Emergency Management for Burke County Schools. We use the term REMBC in 2 different ways. First, it means the "complete" Burke County school safety plan and all of it's components, documents, and forms. But we also use the term REMBC to describe the exact steps to take i the event of an emergency.
Emergency Quick Reference Guide
This document is posted in every Burke County Public School classroom and any other location that contains students. It is designed to quickly show a teacher (or substitute teacher) the exact steps to follow in an emergency.
CRT (Crisis Response Team)
Faculty/staff members from our schools have been selected by the principal to serve on the CRT (Crisis Response Team). The CRT has received training in the REMBC. The CRT is responsible for the development and implementation of all aspects of the REMBC at each school.
Advisory Council
Our Advisory Council is composed of representatives from the BCSD, BCEMA, Health Department, County Government, Mental Health Department, GEMA, and Plant Vogtle. These are the experts and they advise and guide our School Safety Council.
REMBC and First Response
At the start of each school year a confidential document is prepared and delivered to all local First Responders. The document provides REMBC/ERCM information along with vital facts covering our facilities.
ERCM is Emergency Response Crisis Management and this focuses on our Code Red, Code Blue and other emergency procedures. The ERCM is unique to each school and is developed by the school's Crisis Response Team (CRT).
Severe Weather Guidance
Natural disasters, such as the effects of severe weather, make up a major section of the REMBC. With a weather emergency, the REMBC looks at what to do with a warning and a watch. Directions to severe weather safe areas are clearly indicated in each classroom.
REMBC and VEGP (Plant Vogtle)
Burke County High School is the Reception Center in the event of a radiological incident at Plant Vogtle (VEGP). If evacuation is deemed necessary, our school system, working with BCEMA, will activate a specific plan designed to convert the high school to a Reception Center.
School Safety Council
At least one me,ber of each school's CRT is selected to join the School Safety Council that also included the Chief of Campus Police, Director of Maintenance/Operations, Director of Transportation, and Administrative Liaison. Recognizing that the REMBC is a work in progress and ever evolving, the School Safety Council meets on a regular basis to determine program implementation effectiveness.
NIMS (National Incident Management System)
The majority of our school leaders have completed NIMS course work. The valuable training received will allow your school system to work with emergency agencies in the event of an incident.