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Parent & Student Resources

Local, state, and national school surveys completed by parents clearly indicate that the safety of their child at school is a major concern! The Burke County Public School System respects that need. Our schools have always had emergency school safety plans. In 2008 the Burke County School System received recognition from GEMA (Georgia Emergency Management Agency) for the quality of our school safety plans.
For the 2010-2011 school year, our schools implemented a revised safety plan known as REMBC (Readiness and Emergency Management for Burke County Schools). The following are highlights of this new plan:
  • All-hazard emergency plan
  • Based on the four phases of emergency management
  • Each school has a CRT (Crisis Response Team)
  • The REMBC is supported by and receives input from local and state agencies
Please note that the REMBC Plan and many of the components can not be posted on the internet for security reasons.
As a parent, what should I do if my child sends a text message telling me something like, "Come get me! There is an emergency at School." PLEASE READ FAQs.