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Federal Programs » Title IIA

Title IIA

Welcome to No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Title II Part A in Georgia!

 Dr. LaToscha Evans,  is the Title II-A Director.

Dr. Daphney Ivery,Federal Programs Director assists with Title II-A as it relates to other Federal Programs.

Signed into law by President Bush in January 2002, the

No Child Left Behind legislation contains the most sweeping changes to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act since it was enacted in 1965. Title II-A, a part of NCLB, places major emphasis on teacher quality as a factor in improving student achievement and is based on principles of increased flexibility, local control, and stronger accountability at all levels, for results. Schools, districts, and states are held accountable for student achievement, and parents are given the choice of another public school if their child attends a failing or persistently dangerous school. Also, the state is required to issue report cards, local notices of failing schools, and notify parents if a teacher is deemed unqualified.  

Title II-A

 Under Title II-A , states are responsible for reforming teacher licensure and certification, alternative certification, teacher testing for subject matter knowledge, and assisting teachers in becoming "highly qualified." Georgia has received over $75 million to implement Title II-A. Approximately $2.175 billion has been allocated nationally. The goal of the program is to raise student achievement in the academic subjects.



Non-HiQ Reimbursements



Stipends are given to participants for attending system-initiative professional development courses that are scheduled outside of employees' contracted hours.  Stipends awarded to course participants are determined based on the system rules. ( Minimum of 6 hrs/ day )

1 day = $100

Consultants' Fees:

$150/ day  (Minimum of 6 hrs/ day)  

*In-house consultants are not paid for services rendered during contract hours.

      GACE Assessment Fee Reimbursement
      Tuition Reimbursement for TAPP or MAT is $1,500 one-time only and on a very limited basis.

  3. Endorsements

 Gifted, Reading, ELL, Math, Science Endorsements are also paid for to increase teacher effectiveness.